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During the consultation, we will speak about you and your plans, interests, experience and qualifications. From that conversation, you will then be offered a bespoke package of services designed to give you the best possible chance of successfully becoming a student in Scotland or the rest of the UK. 

Scottish Parliament

Making choices and applying.

Together we will find the right courses and universities for you. The first step in this process will be to assess your qualifications and how they match university entry requirements, identifying any further qualifications, knowledge and experience you may need to add. Next will be to select courses and universities, ensuring they fit with your aspirations. Then, we complete the application form or research proposal and submit an application that gives you the best possible chance of being offered a place to study at the universities of your choice. Finally, we will respond to the offers you receive and start preparing you for life as a university student in Scotland or the rest of the UK. 

Studying the English language.

There is a very large number of language schools, colleges and universities offering English language courses in Scotland and the rest of the UK. There is also every type of course available, including, but not limited to, short courses (e.g. one week), long courses (e.g. one year), one-to-one tuition, group classes, homestays (including one-to-one tuition), IELTS preparation, Cambridge exam preparation and English. for specific needs (e.g. business). Together we will find the language centre and course that suits you and complete the application process. 

Developing academic skills.

To prepare for life as a successful university student, it is important to develop the necessary academic skills, such as academic English, essay-writing, referencing, note-taking, critical thinking and giving presentations. ​Through bespoke one-to-one tuition, we can develop these skills and any others you will need in your chosen field of study. 

Arranging to live and study here.

Once you have a place at university, it is time to start making arrangements for your stay here. Firstly, you must apply for a student VISA. Then, among many other things, you need to make travel arrangements, find accommodation and set up a bank account.  You may want to be collected at the airport and taken to your accommodation, you may want a guided tour of the city you are going to live in, you may want to join a gym: whatever it is you want to do to make your stay here more enjoyable, assistance is available.

Forth Road Bridge and Forth Rail Bridge, Edinburgh Scotland



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